The History of the Palaco Grande Association


The Palaco Grande Association was founded in 1991 by roughly twenty-four individuals led by Michael Schneider-Christians and his wife Verena. They were dedicated to enhancing the beauty of their neighborhood.
Before the Association was formed the mile long Palaco Grade medians that stretch from Del Prado Boulevard to the river were sparse and unsightly. Rocks, sand and weeds once stood where the majestic palms now form a beautiful canopy over the rich green grass.
The residents were responsible for the upkeep of the medians. Much muscle, sweat and time went into maintaining the beauty of medians.
In 2003 relief came to the residents of Palaco Grande. The city of Cape Coral agreed to take over the maintenance of the medians. The residents were now free to concentrate on adding value to other areas of the Palaco Grande neighborhood such as the cul-de-sacs at the ends of each of the streets.
Many years have passed since the formation of the Association. However, the goals of the organization have remained the same -beatification, safety and the general welfare of all residents.
After Hurricane Charlie damaged the original entrance sign the Association decide to replace the wooden sign with a more substantial lighted sign that would lend charter and value to the area.
The Association continued to add character and value to the area by completing landscape lighting to the medians along Palaco Grande Parkway. The lighting enhances the beauty of the lush landscaping the Association planted years ago. The lights also add an element of safety to the area during the evening hours.
Also created were two stone entrance walls at the corner of Palaco Grande Parkway and Del Prado Boulevard. This along with the lighted sign at the entrance to the neighborhood sets the neighborhood apart.
The Association uses a newsletter to inform the residents of issues of interest and to notify them of meetings. Membership is open to all home owners residing in the Palaco Grade Parkway area.
Members meet four times a year-January, March, September, and November.
They usually have a guest speaker followed by a business meeting and refreshments. It gives the residents a chance to meet with other residents who share a common interest in the well being of the neighborhood.
What will Palaco Grande do next to add character and value to their community? Watch and stay tuned;  I’m sure it will be as significant as what they have done in the past.

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